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Blues Jam

Blues Jam

"This is a wonderful collection of blues backing tracks. I have been playing guitar for over 35 years and I've struggled for a long time trying to find decent tracks to improvise over. Since purchasing this, my search for blues guitar jam tracks ends here. I also use these tracks for harmonica work and this is perfect even for that.

Depending on where you live you might find many blues jams available to you. Where I live in the Tampa Bay area, there are blues jams a night that I can choose from. And that’s just within about 15 miles of where I live. And these jams run the gamut from very casual to well structured with top local players and high expectations.

Blues Jams - Best Kept Secret! Over the years, our blues jams have developed a large, faithful following. But a lot of people still don't know what they're missing. The jams have developed a good crowd of quality musicians who come to jam and the music is top notch! Our jam venues are great places with good, friendly people.

 · playing my strat plus through a super reverb amp.

Bloomington Blues Jam. Blues Jam Sessions Every Tuesday. Promoting, preserving, and developing the tradition and future of blues music. Supporting live music through the power of community. Bloomington Blues Jam Sessions gives every musician the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience in a low-pressure, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

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  1. We are the original and only International Online Monthly Jam Competition devoted exclusively to the Blues. The ultimate goal of our jams are to present the amazing works of talented blues players from all over the world to help them become successful in one of the most dynamic and challenging times on the global music and art scene. The Blues Jam online suite of International Jam competitions gives blues .

  2. Typically a blues jam is controlled by one person or band. Usually that person is a local musician or band that has some following or reputation in the local scene. But that’s not always the case. That band supplies the “backline” or equipment for the jam including the amps, drums and PA ted Reading Time: 10 mins.

  3. The Blues Jam online suite of International Jam competitions gives blues artists the opportunity to both be recognized and present their best work to the world. First impressions do have a big impact and the largest percentage of them are now happening online. In addition to giving out some Awesome Awards, we try to help Blues Player by adding.

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